1. Do you ship to my country?

At the moment we ship to all areas in London but hopefully

we will soon be able to deliver worldwide.

2. How soon can I have my box delivered?

Please give us at least 24 - 48 hrs notice, so we can make sure

your box of flowers will be created with passion and


3. Do you offer same day delivery?

Please send us an email, and we can see what can be done to

deliver your box on the same day.

4. How do I place an order?

First of all decide on the colour, box size and flower type you

would like to order, then go on to our online shop and place

your order. If you can’t decide please let us know, we can help

and advice what box will be better for your order.

5. How can I pay for my box?

Payments methods are on the bottom of our website.